2008+ EPIC STi Springs Have Been Released!

Starting with the 2008 model year, Subaru changed to a new 5-door hatchback chassis for its flagship Impreza STI line.  Along with the new chassis design included a completely revamped suspension that promised to not only deliver better handling, but also a step above in ride quality over the previous model Imprezas.  The step up in ride quality cannot be questioned, however feedback from many new STI owners was that the car did not feel as responsive or crisp as the previous version STI.  With this in mind, EPIC Engineering sought to solve these issues, while still maintaining the crucial aspect of ride quality.

EPIC Engineering spent almost 10 months researching and developing a spring kit to suit the needs of the vast majority of 08+ STI owners.  This spring kit is geared primarily for daily drivers who want to get more out of their suspension, but not have to make sacrifices in daily drivability.  Multiple drivers with varying levels of driving experience helped test these springs to allow for a wide variety of viewpoints and opinions. Lowering the car approximately one (1) inch all around with slightly less in the rear, the EPIC Engineering spring kit gives an aggressive raked stance to the car, yet still very much allows the car to clear speed bumps and steep curves with little to no problem.  The ride height is optimal for handling, which is improved through progressive spring rates and replacement bump stops. These progressive spring rates allow for a nice and comfortable ride for the highway or daily commuting, but also provide proper stiffness and responsiveness when taking corners hard. Body roll is all but eliminated, as is the understeer and softness of the stock setup.

For the customer who is looking for exact spring rates to match up with a custom race strut setup, these springs are not going to be the best choice.  However, for every customer who wants to push their car hard at the track, the number of customers who don’t go to the track vastly outnumber them, and that customer will find the EPIC Engineering springs perfect for their daily driven needs.  The EPIC Engineering springs inspire confidence in handling and do not make the compromises in ride quality that many other suspension setups do.  The difference is in the details.

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